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Well, here I go tooting my own horn and recommending "Prompt for the Planet: Community Creates" as the perfect solo, date or family event. Doors open tomorrow (this Sunday) at 1:30 and the show starts at 2:00. It's free, and it features some of Iowa's most beloved performers, poets and artists.

The event is a collaboration between PromptPress and the Lena Project (two of PorchLight's orgs-in-residence) and the Englert.

Add on the IC Joy March, eco-activism, performances by aerialist Mimi Ke, poets Caleb Rainy, Donika Kelly, and David Duer; dance by the UI Dance Company; music by James Tutson, Abbie Sawyer, and the Family Folk Machine; an installation by Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, and Emily Jalinsky; and what you have is pure fabulousness. An eco-cabaret that would knock the socks off of Liza Minelli, and will speak to the hearts of the eco-activists in all of us.

See you there!

Joy March starts at PS1's 299 N. Gilbert St. Location. Doors open at the Englert at 1:30.

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