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PorchLight Recommends: Our very own "Local Writer's Forum"

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Since opening PorchLight many of you have reached out with questions about the writing process, finding editors, finding local critique groups and workshops, or community readings.

This wasn't a surprise. I know from ten years co-leading the Free Generative Writing Workshops how many writers this city holds. We have writers of all types and levels of experience, writers who are not necessarily connected with the University, or who have gone through one of its many illustrious programs and stuck around. We have writers who are writing for different purposes; for publication, self-knowledge, or artistic pleasure. This city both draws them in and breeds them.

The idea to create a local writers forum was not just my own. It came up in meetings and conversations with other community writing organizations; notably The Iowa Summer Writers Festival, the Iowa Writers House, and Iowa City Poetry. These are all organizations that have helped lay the groundwork for a vital community writing scene.

With this foundation in place, PorchLight would like to add the "Local Writer's Forum." I envision it as a space where new writers to Iowa City can discover some of our rich offerings, and find community. I hope it will also serve long time Iowa City writers who may be dipping back into a project, looking for a critique group, or a chance to connect from under the depths of cold Iowa winters.

I've invited a group of professionals offering services, and non profit programmers to join the forum. This way, we start off with a trusted base of professionals, as well as newcomers looking for advice. If you would like to spread the word about a service you offer, or a community happening you organize, please shoot me an email.

To compliment the forum and provide a space for IRL interaction, PorchLight will be holding a monthly "Long Project Check-in and Mixer." This will happen on the fourth Saturday of every month from 1-3, at PorchLight. Anyone working on a longish writing project of any creative writing genre can join a round-robin style discussion. Participants may take up to ten minutes to describe their project, how it's going, and to read a short snippet. Light positive feedback on the work may be given, but the purpose of the meeting will hover more in the realm of talking process, accountability and making connections.

The second hour of the event will be social, an opportunity for writers to make connections with other writers, professionals, or community organizers. Join us for our first session on January 28th from 1-3.

Happy New Year! Let's get writing!

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