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Manuscript Consultation, Accountability, and Querying


Accountability, community, and fresh perspectives on my own work have been essential in my own journey as a writer. I approach any project in any stage from a place of possibility and curiosity. I have experience in both the one-on-one model of mentorship and a workshop and group model. I believe both can work well and offer different ways of understanding a project and bringing you back to the page, but there is something especially inspiring, interesting, and magic about the one-on-one model. 


I am especially thankful for how accountability and literary mentorship have brought me back to writing after big life changes like moves, new jobs, and having children, how they have inspired me and maintained my patience for the inevitable, ego-walloping shitty first drafts through the minutiae of final-touch line edits. 


I specialize in memoir, upmarket, women’s, and literary fiction, with a special interest in coming-of-age, romance, relationship/friendship stories, and family sagas. I am likely not the best fit for poetry, sci-fi/fantasy, or horror. 


My main objective is not to tear a project apart, but to meet it and you where you are, to offer an encouraging, generative, inspiring perspective that will leave you excited and open to possibilities you might not have seen alone. To return and return to why you ever opened a blank document in the first place–what nerve, what joy!


I think it’s possible to read a project with an eye for what an agent or editor might ask about or see, while not letting market expectations overwhelm or distract you from YOUR book. 


I look forward to reading your work!


About Me


My debut novel, The Shore, was published in 2022 with Scribner and was a New York Times editors’ pick, an Indie Next pick, a Barnes & Noble Discover pick, an Amazon editors’ choice, and a best book of summer by Glamour,, Shondaland, and Entertainment Weekly and a best book of the year by the New York Post. 


I have an MFA in Fiction from Warren Wilson College and my professional background is in secondary education. I have presented generative, accountability, craft, and publishing-industry-focused workshops and collaborated with writers at every stage of their projects’ journeys on many memoir and novel manuscripts that have gone on to find homes with major publishers. 


What I Offer:


Accountability Consultation $100/month 

-2 monthly 30 minute Zooms (at the start/end of the month) to discuss/define your writing goals (for example: time, word count, defined project goal, 

-Shared Google doc/sheets tracking of your choice– log, spreadsheet, 

-Assigned writing prompts on request

-Weekly email check-in to discuss progress

-Group discount available, 2-8 people per group

Optional addition +$50/month

-Weekly work sample read (up to 800 words) with brief (+/- 100 words) generative feedback


Query Letter Consultation $110

-1-hour Zoom to discuss your project and querying process, including possible comp titles, what to expect from the query process, resources to use for research and tracking of queries

-Line edit and discussion of query letter

-Do’s and don’ts of querying/etiquette in the publishing industry

-Practice with pitching your project


Long Project Consultations


A “big picture read” of a novel or memoir: $550, up to 80k words

-Full read of a book-length manuscript and a 3-5 page letter addressing your specific questions, along with the project’s strengths and opportunities

-Two 45-minute in-person or Zoom meetings, one before I read and one after you receive the letter 


Detailed feedback read of a novel or memoir $.015/word

-Select projects 

-2 45-minute in-person or Zoom meetings, one before the read and one after

-A detailed read with significant in-text feedback

-Track changes comments on any of the following + any specific craft issues we discuss: plot, pacing, characterization, point-of-view, dialogue, organization/structure, language

-A 3-4 page letter synthesizing the edits and addressing any specific questions, along with project’s strengths and opportunities

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