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Back to School with PorchLight

Dear PorchLight Community,

As summer draws to a close and the leaves start to turn, we want to update you on some developments at PorchLight.

First, we are delighted to announce our upcoming “Misfit Master Classes” here at PorchLight. These classes offer multi-modal, specialized, and generally "off the beaten path" approaches to creative writing. They are intended to deepen and widen your creativity beyond an entry-level class. Join us for “The Inventive Feminist Voice” taught by director Jennifer Colville and “Writing

Poetry Toward the Book Form” led by PromptPress's Margaret Yapp in collaboration with Iowa City Poetry. Additionally, stay tuned for more exciting classes to come!

We would also like to announce that the PromptPress Reading Room has a new home right here at PorchLight. This reading room features PromptPress issues, new broadsides, and a curated selection of local small press offerings. Please stop by to check out this wonderful new space.

We will be continuing with our regular programming; The Long Project Check-in, Care & Spark, The Free Generative (co-hosted by Iowa City Poetry), and the Fairweather Writing Sessions.

Finally, we are continuing our membership drive into the fall, or until we reach 100 members! One new member benefit: 15% discount on classes. Register here!

Our salon hours continue. Whether you need a peaceful place to work on writing or would like to connect with other creatives, feel free to join us for literary salon hours every Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.

We hope you have a wonderful back to school season and hope to see you on the porch!

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