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Join us, starting this Sunday, for "Both/And"

"When we are awake and alive to the nuances of the world, we see that most things contain so-called dichotomies – lightness and darkness, ease and discomfort, beauty and monstrosity. Only in awareness are we able to discern and appreciate the “both/and-ness” of our lives." ---- Jennifer New

"This class is an invitation to pay closer attention to life’s details. We’ll welcome slowness, silence, and non-doing, all of which expand the senses. Through writing and accompanying readings, we’ll explore intentional pauses and gaps. We’ll play with transitions. And allow spaciousness. Each class will include a guided meditation and some slow movement. We write from our bodies; our brains are the cherry on top of the exquisite instrument of sensory experience, so let’s bring in the whole of us!"

Writers of all levels, including those who want to write less toward creative acumen and more for personal reflection, are welcome.

Sundays from 3-5:30 pm October 29, November 5, November 12

$150 - True price of class $100 - Price for those who are financially challenged

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