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Update from the Front Porch

Our floors are finally drying out from their second coat of finish, and Junie has been awaiting your visit for weeks. "Where are the people?" she is asking with her twitchy little head. She is ready to be the dog of the salon like Gertrude Stein's "Basket," except she is not a standard poodle and will give away all her love instantly and without discrimination.

In other news, today Liz Munger and I met with Mark Vollenweider whose images in response to a collection of short stories by Rachel Yoder will be our first exhibit. Mark's images are intense and minutely wrought. Everyday objects under the hyper-focus of his pen, dissolve or come into being. They are a perfect beguiling companion to Rachel's uncanny stories of people gone loopy inside isolated spaces.

Tomorrow is, drum roll, finishing-touches-on-the-writer's-retreat-day. Now that we have polka dot wall paper and a butterfly chair I feel confident that we are succeeding in creating an inspirational space.

Our soft opening is still set for September 1st, from 6-8 p.m. Will we make it? Will you make it? Stay tuned, and come on over. There will be wet dog kisses from Junie upon your arrival!

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